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Our Vision

Flexible Workforce

A higher rate of production, Creating bigger revenue, Avoiding employee overload

Reduce Cost

Saving the cost for education, Reducing the cost of ownership, Competitive pricing

increase quality

Reviewed by CadDraft & Clients, The standardization of works, Multi disciplines direct available

Why Us

We deliver the cad drawing based on your sketch
24/7/365 sending and receiving
  • Draftsman

    Multi diciplines, direct available

  • Price

    Competitive price, even with low volume

  • Quality

    A team of specialist are available, supervised by highly experienced people

  • No Hustle

    No need a hastle, yet good result

caddraft team

We are professionals with our years of experience and the no nonsense knowledge
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Rene Stahlie

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Jan Verschoor


The Disciplines


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